Before Jumping

I have dreams about jumping from things high up or suspended in the air. I have dreams about jumping from moving vehicles as well. 

I blame the hot air balloon scene in Mannequin Two and Ruth and Idgie’s train hopping in Fried Green Tomatoes. They are two of my favorite movies. Discovered in youth. Cherished as an adult.

In my dreams, Incubus’ Wish You Were Here plays on a loop. 

In reality, I’m afraid of heights. 

On occasion, I have a dream that involves my jumping, or more specifically, cliff diving. And in my dream,  I’m invincible. I pull my parachute and land gracefully. Peacefully. Sometimes into a lagoon. 

I can’t swim.

I used to have a recurring  dream about jumping from the bed of a pickup truck into a galloping horse. 

I’ve never been in a saddle.

According to various credible sources (the dream interpretation books I bought at Hot Topic in 2001 and 2002), jumping in dreams indicates succeeding at getting to where I want to be in life. It also indicates that I am a risk taker. That alone makes it obvious. It’s obvious these writers haven’t met me. Ever. 

Additionally, dreams about riding horses mean I have full control over my situation. My urges are also controlled by intellect.

Good to know. 

Dreaming with the band Incubus as a soundtrack isn’t in my books. That’s probably a good thing. It’s likely online somewhere. I don’t want to look. 

But hearing a song in a dream indicates great mood swings. It also means that divine providence guides my fate.

Add all of that together and it means no tacos after 8:00 pm.

My jumping dreams are entertaining and encouraging. I wonder about the song? Who’s supposed to be there?

I’m always alone in my dreams.

Maybe one night, I will remember to look before I jump.


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