Doe to Doe

She stood—staring at me and likely wondering if I would hurt her.

I stood—wondering if she was alive or a realistic target like the one in my neighbor’s yard.

Her tail flicked and I saw a small patch of white. I turned my head and she did the same. “Ahhh, mirroring each other now.” I thought. We were mutually studying each other.

I paused my Runkeeper application on my phone. I paused the brilliant episode of The Moth podcast I was listening to at the time. The Moth often keeps me company on my walks and jogs. Slowly, I reached up to remove my headphones.

We never took our eyes off of each other.

Woman to woman, the young doe and I stared at each other. Each about a mile from our homes. She from the woods and I from my blue ranch.

I wonder what she thought about me. This weird human with legs of half purple and bright pink hooves. I probably looked like a freak in her eyes.

I wondered how long she would let me watch her. Just staring at her—Her tawny brown eyes reflected in my ocean blues. Only about twenty feet separated us.

I moved slowly, hoping to catch a picture of the stunning lady.

She let me.

And then, as if she felt oncoming traffic before I did, she gracefully pranced into the woods. I couldn’t see her after five seconds.

That was yesterday.

I looked for my deer friend this morning and I didn’t see her. And it felt like I was missing a brunch that I had planned. Some fun was being had. Elsewhere. The where that I was not.

Seeing that deer yesterday was an uncommon joy. I walk or jog every day and I almost never see wildlife that close.

As strange as it sounds, I felt connected to her. As if she showed up just to give me a bit of uncommon joy. Maybe I was there, another somewhat vulnerable female, to show her that we weren’t all that different and humans are capable of watching beauty without destroying it.

I don’t know much about deer. I know that they are prevalent in Michigan and I know that sadly, I have hit one in the past. I’m not “against” deer hunting, but I won’t go and I don’t want to hear about it.

I now wonder if those kind of meetings between two creatures is common? Is it a female thing? Was I somehow special?

She was beautiful and for a minute, there we were…

Just a couple of does sharing a path.


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