Get To It

Dear Millennials:

When I see you, Monday through Friday, September through May, I think a lot of things about you. Keep in mind, this isn’t judging you. This is wondering things about you. I wonder about the girl in the Beatles t-shirt. Should she “really” be an engineering major, or is her heart is music and words? About the boy majoring in business, I wonder if he should really be building things because the sketches I see in the margins of his notebook are exquisite.

Recently, I’ve read a great number of social media posts, from both people I like and people I don’t, about your “whining” over the presidential election. And for what it’s worth, I’d like to tell you something from someone that sees you, helps to educate you, interacts with you, and would like to think that she understands you.

You’re not whining.

When others look at your protests and see “babies that need a ‘safe space’”, I see compassionate young people that are doing what they can to be political without being violent. Your world isn’t safe, my world isn’t safe, the world isn’t safe, so to the people telling you that, yeah, they might be onto something. But the question to ask then is “why shouldn’t it be?” Why can’t it be?

When others look at your dismay and tell you to “get over it” ask them if anything worth fighting for has ever been accomplished by just “getting over it?” That whole women voting thing? Apparently, those ladies were supposed to just “get over it.” We see how that turned out, and regardless of whether or not people “like” it, a female presidential candidate was on the ticket this year. So, “get over it…”

When I look at the generation in front of me, I see a generation of people with compassionate hearts and a rallying cry for social justice and equality.

Are they perfect? No. Not by a long shot.

However, how many generations have claimed that the next ones to come up were “lazy” or had no work ethic? This is the same record on a new player.

These same people that tell the millennials to “get over it” are the same ones that bitch and say that “kids today don’t stand for anything.” Yet, when they do, they’re told it’s wrong, they’re stupid, and to get over it.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too Gen X’ers, Baby Boomers, and Silent Generation folks. You can’t tell these young people to believe in something and then attempt to silence them when they do. If they’re nonviolent what are they doing except showing the very values that YOU INSTILLED IN THEM?

In closing, dear Millennials, don’t get over it or get used to it, or any of the other “to its” that you’re told, except this one: get to it.

If you want to affect change, get to it.

It you want to make a more inclusive world: get to it.

If you want equality: get to it.

Words are power, and if you use yours, I promise, you have more power than you think. You have it all, and I for one, will help you use it.

Sincerely Yours,

A Not So Secret Admirer


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